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November Update

November 10, 2012

In response to several inquiries, we wanted to update you on the Model Family.  You have been asking how we’re doing after the passing this year of our wise and strong and compassionate leader, Jerry Subar.  Well, we miss him.  He was always the smartest person in the room.  His questions got to the main issues with piercing speed.  He sure helped prevent the rest of us from making some poorly thought-out ideas!  We miss him.  But we are perservering.  We all feel it is important to honor the memory of “JP” by doing well, by taking care of our customers, and by growing the business that he loved, and to which he dedicated most of his life.  So we will.

One of services that Jerry loved most was Model’s mat service.  Mats serve several functions:  they keep floors dry so they greatly improve safety by minimizing the chance for dangerous and costly slip-and-fall accidents; mats keep floors cleaner by holding dirt at the door instead of being tracked into a building, and employees and customers prefer clean; mats protect floors and therefore reduce expensive maintenance and replacement costs of flooring.  Mats capture 90% of the dirt that would otherwise be tracked into a building, and because removing a pound of dirt from a building costs about $500, mats save money!

Jerry loved helping customers keep their workers and workplaces cleaner, neater and safer.  He taught us how to service customers with dedication and honesty.  We will carry on his vision and the vision of his father, Model’s founder, Max Subar.  Visit to learn more about Model and the Model and Subar Family.



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