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“BUYOUT” UNIFORMS– how to get a better value from your embroidered and other special garments

October 13, 2013

So, you want to rent shirts with embroidery, or special-style shirts.  You don’t want the “standard uniform” look.  But your uniform rental provider tells you you have to pay/buy for the shirts if a wearer quits/gets fired/leaves service.  After all, they can’t use those shirts for any other customer (unlike “standard uniforms” that ARE reused with other customers as long as they are in good condition— just the ID label in the collar and the patch emblems/names are changed).  Let’s say you want pink polka-dot shirts— we can get them for you.  But….if any wearer stops the rental service, you would need to pay to buy the shirts.  All uniform rental companies require this.

We know that when our customers agree to this charge before they get their uniforms, they understand the concept.  But when they actually get a bill for $200+….they sure don’t like it.  Therefore, neither do we.

So, Model is offering a new, unique, breakthrough concept to handle the costs of buyout uniforms.  It’s called a Hold Charge.  Simple enough.  Instead of charging all at once as a buyout…..we’ll just charge a small Hold Charge every week that a special garment is not being rented, in service, on an existing employee.  Then, if you hire someone that can use those shirts, we’ll put them back in service on the new person….no more Hold Charge.  You’ll never pay the buyout again.  Simple. We can do this because of our sophisticated bar code garment tracking system and our unique software program– which no one else in our market utilizes.  Want to see if it makes sense for your company?  Email me at

Have a Clean and Safe Day,

Jon Subar

However, Model now has a new, unique way to handle this

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